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On-going Projects

  • EM Package-VIII (Drainage & Dewatering System and LP Compressed Air System) for Teesta –VI, HEP, 4X125MW, of NHPC at Sikkim
  • EM Package – V, (Drainage & Dewatering System and HP & LP compressed Air System) for Rangit-IV HEP, 3X40MW, of NHPC at Sikkim
  • Refurbishment of 82.5mld WTP at Sagar (MP).

Major Projects Executed

  • Non-Clog Submersible Pump Cap. 420 cum/hr @110 Mtr. Head Installation and Commissioning (Flood Dewatering System) for NHPC Chamera Powr Station – II
  • Drainage & Dewatering System for Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric Project
  • Submersibe Slurry Pump/Non Clog Pump/System for Dulhasti Power Station
  • Supply and Commissioning of Booster Pump along with Motor and Control Panel for Shaft Seal Cooling Water System for Chamera Power Station Stage – II
  • Drainage & Dewatering Pumping System for Bajoli Holi
  • Submersible Pump Motor Set Cap. 360m3/hr @40mtr head Transportation, Erection and Commissioning of 4 Nos. Pumps (Flood Dewatering System) for Salal Power Station
  • Drainage & Dewatering System for Namchien, Vietnam
  • Rental: Dewatering at different locations of surface & underground areas of Power House area, by hiring of Dewatering Pump. for Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric Project
  • Rental: Dewatering of TRT of Dulhasti Power Station by providing pumps, LT Switchgear/Distribution board, Crane, Pipes, Power/Control cables, Operation/Maintenance Staff etc. for a period of 10 days, DPS, Kistwar for Dulhati Power Station
  • Rental: Dewatering of Power House by Electrical Submersible Dewatering Pumps for Dhauliganga Power Station
  • Rental: Providing of 4 sets of Electrical Submersible Pumps of 350cmh each, totaling 1400cmh with Piping, Starters & Accessories, & keeping 100% backup pumps at site. (BOM attached) for Kopili Hydro Electric Plant
  • Others: D&D System & Rental Dewatering