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BCTPL Rental, as the name suggests, specializes in the rental of Submersible Pumps, Mixers, Aerators and Diesel Prime Assisted Pumps. Our skilled team of engineers will design bespoke pumping schemes for our customer whether it be temporary or semi-permanent; for a small amount of nuisance water or a major flow diversion scheme. By choosing BCTPL Rental you automatically have access to our engineers who have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge alongside a product range that is second to none. A comprehensive range of Electric Submersible and Diesel Pumps, Mixers,, Aerators and Accessories are available from strategically located BCTPL Rental Centres throughout the India. In case of any on-site trouble, BCTPL provides instant methodological attention on request, through it’s engineers by close monitoring of the site. Our products are extremely robust and also light weight for handling. We select them to easily transport to distant places after being utilized. All the equipments are designed to fit together easily during installation and the ultimate removal. We have a range of equipment for different areas and projects. The size and use of our products varies as per the project. Our expertise and knowledge of the project help us to select the right kind of equipment consequently. We boast of having 500 kW of Pumps with allied piping to carry out jobs
NHPC DULHASTI Power Station –
BCTPL has established benchmarking in one of its kind job to assist in Major Maintenance of MIV of all three units by doing Continuous DEWATERING OF TRT with discharge capacity of 5000 M3/Hr. at 25 Meter Head for 45 days to undertake maintenance of MIV, being a critical underground power house & having high risk of flooding, we executed the job with highest professionalism & completed before schedule.

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When calamity hit Uttarakhand in June 2013 and the underground powerhouse of NHPC Dhualiganga has been submerged totally. BCTPL has been entrusted with job of rescuing Dhauliganga by removing flood water in powerhouse and controlling seepage water amid tough circumstances with no roads, no communication and no electricity, our equipments were then Airlifted & we accomplished the task successfully.

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